Votreblogger a High Technical blog ,all about Tricks and Marketing. Blogger is the blogging platform developed by Pyra Labs in August of 1999. In 2002, Google bought Pyra Labs and the rest is history.

The Blogger Team at Google maintains several helpful resources for users:

  • The new version of Blogger (formerly Blogger BETA) is a new backend and template system that improves user experience.
  • Blogger Help contains the official Blogger documentation and list of Blogger How-To documents. You can also contact Blogger Support via links found here.
  • Blogger Buzz is a group blog maintained by Blogger developers that posts items of interest which are generally Blogger-related.
  • Blogger Status contains notifications of scheduled Blogger downtime, explanations for unscheduled outages, information about upgrades, and so on. If Blogger is acting wonky for you, this should be the first place you check to rule out any upgrades in progress.
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