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Ramani Arunachalam (rarunach[at]gmail[dot]com)

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template.

Home Page[]

Archive Browser


Till now, Blogger archives have been a mystery for many because they are difficult to browse through because of 2 reasons:

  1. There are multiple files (monthly or weekly) which have to be viewed.
  2. Each file takes a bit of time to download due to the images and complete posts.

Here's a tool that I have developed which you can use to view the archives for a whole year in one page. It will show the post titles, a preview (first few lines) of each post and the permalink. You can use it with anybody's blog, not just yours. There's also some piece of code that you can add to your Blogger template to plug-in this tool for your blog.


  1. Obtain code from the instructions.
  2. Insert code into your Blogger template, per the instructions.
  3. Re-publish your blog.

Sites Using This Hack[]

Please add your blog to this list if you are using this hack.