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This BloggerHacks Wiki contains an ever-growing collection of hacks and modifications for Google's Blogger blogging service. The goal is to develop an open, current and comprehensive set of hacks, and to make them available to all blogger users.


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Check out the guidelines & policies, community page, about page, and FAQ, all of which are in development and will change to reflect the growth and direction of the wiki.


With the advent of the new Blogger (now out of beta) it has become necessary to organise these hacks by platform. Since most people will be switching to the new version, hacks for that version are defaultly linked to. If you are browsing by category you will see hacks from all platforms.

We need people to check, test, and re-categorise the hacks tagged Platform Unknown.


You are invited to contribute your own hacks. Simply create a page to describe the hack, add-on or modification that you've made to the service. Since the navigation of this wiki is heavily dependent on internal categories, please be sure to categorise your page in both the "hacks" category, the category for the correct platform (New Blogger or Blogger Classic) and an appropriately specific sub-category (like "backlinks" or "comment feeds"). This ensures that your content is filed in the right spot.

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