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For use with Blogger blogs, requires a account.



Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template and using Some methods also require knowledge of bookmarklets or Greasemonkey.

Descriptions & Methods[]

Following are several of the known ways to tag your blog posts on for use as categories on your Blogger blogs. Please visit the links below to obtain detailed instructions.

  • Use the tag-making bookmarklet written by Ted Ernst. After installing the bookmarklet, you write a post, use the bookmarklet to generate tags, and then paste the line of tag code into your post before you publish.
  • Use pace_tua's upgraded bookmarklet, which generates the same code, but pastes it automatically into the Blogger "Create Post" link field and therefore includes it in your post without cutting and pasting. You'll need to change your blog settings to show the link field.
  • If you browse with Firefox: Install the Greasemonkey extension, and then run a Greasemonkey script that will modify the Blogger "Create / Edit Post" post page to include a tag creator in the form. Then, just type your tags as you type your post! This method can be bookmarklet-free, because the script adds a "Bookmark to" link to the Blogger publish notification window.

Sites Using This Hack[]

  • Using the bookmarklet written by Ted Ernst [1]

Edit this area and add your own link if you are using this hack.

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