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For use with Blogger blogs, requires a account.



Blogger Categories, with a great how-to by Gretchen at YLCF.

Blogger Tags and Categories: How To

Categories in Blogger

Sidebar expand/collapse sub-categories using javascript RSS/linkrolls

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template and using and JavaScript.


This series of hacks uses JavaScript to display the contents of a tag in your account in a post on your blog. These solutions pull results from and integrate them into your template, making the categories appear to be part of your blog set-up and addressing the issue raised by folks who don't like to be taken off-blog to see a list of tagged content.


Please visit the links above to obtain detailed instructions. In general, the method is as follows:

  1. Create a post in your blog for each category.
  2. Use a Feed2Javascript service to take the feed and reformat it as a script.
  3. Publish the script in the post you created.
  4. Hard-code links in your sidebar to each of these dynamic posts.

Sites Using This Hack[]

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