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Eslam Al-Morshdy


also here is a Demo as my blog dosen't have many categories :(



Required Skills[]

Able to edit the Blogger template.

Able to add a tag to each taggable post.


Adds categories to your Blogger blog. Insert a category tag <category cats="cat1,cat2,...catn"></category> on each post that you wanna tag ( gracefully escaped -not visible- by IE/FF/safari and syndication readers ). when a visitor views your page an Asynchronous call to your atom syndication is isssued and result is parsed for categories and a categories tree/menu with posts count is rendered in the sidebar menu (or any place holder of yor own).


  1. no third party to which you hand the view of your content.
  2. no redirection to a foreign page (social-book marking blogger-search).
  3. no server abuse
    1. each page impression acts as if some one reading ur atom syndication.
    2. Blog template + the script ~32kb could be stripped to ~24kb.
  4. no expected localization problems.
  5. totally client side processing.
  6. Asynchronous no blocking (AJAX-Based).
  7. posts count
  8. handle old posts: viewable from the default all and other tags no need to re-publish them (eventhoght you can).
  9. works out of the box yet is highly configurable.
  10. free as in Willy ;-)


1 Edit to each post.

3 Edits to post Template.

(See complete instructions at the homepage).

Sites Using This Hack[]

Eslam's blog

Blogger Categories Demo

Edit this section to link to your blog if you are also using this hack.

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