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For use with Blogger blogs.


Amit Argawal


Skill Level[]

You need only to create a new Blogger blog and configure the post-via-email settings.


This hack allows you to gather your comments and publish them in a separate, purpose-created blog. Readers can subscribe to this blog or you can import the feed of comments into your existing blogs.


  1. Setup a new Blogger blog to hold your comments.
  2. Specify a Mail-to-Blogger email address for this new blog.
  3. For your existing blogs, setup comment notification emails to forward comments to this new Mail-to-Blogger address.
  4. Using the Atom or RSS feed of the new blog, publish the feed in your existing blogs with any of the RSS-to-Javascript services.

NB: Blogger will not allow a email address for comment notification. Instead, use an email account that will allow rule-based forwarding such as GMail.

Sites Using This Hack[]

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