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Stephen Paul Weber PurpleMoggy


Comment Photos and Highlighting Instructions for New Blogger

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing CSS and your Blogger template.


The article presents a free third party service enabling inline comments in Blogger posts, with profile images. It uses JavaScript and an online service that parses Blogger profile pages for poster image URLs and more, where available, and shows the image next to each comment. As a bonus for JavaScript literate people, Stephen's service is very hackable and enables you to build a host of useful things based on the data available on Blogger profile pages, including (but not limited to) different post styling based on whether a commenter is a member of the blog or not.


(See complete instructions at the homepage or PurpleMoggy page.)

  1. Insert template code into the body element of your Blogger template.
  2. Insert a JavaScript snippet in the head element of your Blogger template.
  3. Re-publish your blog.

Sites Using This Hack[]

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