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"How can I create expandable post summaries?" in Blogger Help

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing CSS and your Blogger template.


Use this hack to display a user-specified amount of text followed by a link to the post page. After this "teaser" text, users who want to see the rest of the post can click through to the post page, which includes all the text for your post.

The drawback of this method is that the "Read More" link (or whatever text you use for the link) is displayed in every post, not only the long ones. Thus, if you utilize this method but do not designate any "expanded" text, your readers will see the "Real More" link, click it, yet receive no additional text.


(See complete instructions at the homepage.)

  1. Enable Post Pages in your Blogger settings.
  2. Insert some conditional tags surrounding styles into the stylesheet portion of your Blogger template.
  3. Insert some conditional tags surrounding HTML into the body element of your Blogger template.
  4. Re-publish your blog.
  5. Surround some text with a specific <span class="fullpost"></span> tag pair when you have extended text to include in your post.

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