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See the "Favicon" section in Blogger Hacks - The Series: Graphics.

Skill Level[]

To create a favicon, you must have some skills with a graphics program,

or goto to make one online.

To add the code for a favicon in your blog, you must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template.


Places a 16x16 pixel favicon for your site at the left-hand end of the address bar in most modern browsers.


  1. Create an icon and save it.
  2. Upload it to an image hosting service or an external web host.
    1. This is the hard part, find a service that will host .ico
      1. MyFavatar is one such service. They will even convert a jpeg or gif into the appropriate size and format for you.
      2. Google Pages will host everything.
  3. Add two lines of code, per the instructions, in the head element of your Blogger template.

Note that you can also save as a .png or .gif and most broswers will display it. You simply have to insert the following line in the head element of your template:

<link href='image_url.png' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

This will allow you to host your favorite icon on photobucket or the like.

Sites Using This Hack[]

Edit this area and add your own link if you are using this hack.