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Blogger and Google Sitemaps


Improbulus, Hakuna Matata

Ping tools (to notify Google of updates to your site) by Ecmanaut and Improbulus




Skill Level[]

You will need to be comfortable making template edits in Blogger, familiar with the areas of your template, and if you're using Blogspot hosting you'll need to know the URL of your site's atom feed. This will most likely be

The address of your feed can be found from your blogger dashboard by selecting settings > site feed.

For further help, see Blogger Help on feeds.


Google Sitemaps has two main purposes. It allows you as a site owner to collect detailed statistics about which parts of your site are visible to Google's search engine. It also allows you to ping Google when you make changes to your blog, so that they're aware of the changes and can recrawl / index your site at a higher priority than sites without sitemaps.

It seems, this hack does not work any more with the next generation Blogger sites. See


Claim your site by generating a special META tag & pasting it into your template head. Then tell Sitemaps to use your ATOM feed as a map. Ping sitemaps to tell them that you've updated your site.

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