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For use with Blogger blogs - either old/new Blogger.


Ramani Arunachalam (rarunach[at]gmail[dot]com)

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template.

Home Page[]

Author Comment Notification


When somebody posts a question/comment in your blog and you respond to him, the commenter may not see the response unless he checks your blog a few times. If (s)he landed in your blog through blog search or Blogger's next blog chain, (s)he may not even remember your blog's URL. Sometimes, you type a long response and it goes into blackhole. With this notification, you can send an automated email message to the commenter with just one click. This message will contain your name, your post’s title and its permanent link so that the commenter can easily come back and see your response. Please note that notification can be sent only to those who have shared their email address in their Blogger profile.


  1. For new Blogger template, obtain code from the instructions page. For classic Blogger, obtain code from here.
  2. Insert code into your Blogger template, as per the instructions.

Sites Using This Hack[]

Please add your blog to this list if you are using this hack.