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Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5

Skill Level[]

You must be comfortable with editing your Blogger template.


This hack unifies all your social bookmarking, search and translation services buttons into a single button. When clicked by your readers, a small floating window popups with integrated icons pointing to these services. Post-specific information such as the title of your post, post URLs, dates, feed URLs, tags and free-text selections are automatically pre-populated. The list of services is fetched from a central repository at, so that it stays current with new services in your category of interest.

This means blogs aren't cluttered with a large list of buttons, publishers don't have to keep monitoring for new services and installing them, and readers don't have to manually enter data.


  1. Obtain JavaScript code from the instructions.
  2. Insert JavaScript snippet into the head element of your Blogger template.
  3. Choose preferred icons, popup style and services for your blog.
  4. Re-publish your blog.

Sites Using This Hack[]

Edit this area and add your own link if you are using this hack.

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