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Skill Level[]

These hacks work at a range of skill levels. At the very least, you will need to be comfortable on the "edit HTML" side of the Blogger create post page, cutting and pasting tag code into your posts. At the intermediate level you'll need to be familiar with the use of bookmarklets on your browser's links bar, and to personalise the tags you'll need to edit the bookmarklet code to add ytour Technorati username. At the most advanced and integrated stage, you can tag with a Greasemonkey userscript, or with the Performancing for Firefox extension, both of which are installed modifications to your Firefox browser.


Multiple methods for adding Technorati tags to your posts in Blogger. For more on the benefits of Technorati tags, see Freshblog.


There are multiple ways to add Technorati tags to your post. I have explained each method and added prerequisites / requirements that will help you to select an appropriate method. Please edit this section to provide more detail / feedback as required.

1. Rhys Wynne's Tag Generator is a stand-alone windows application that generates a string of tag HTML to paste into your post. This requires having the application open and switching back & forth from the app to your browser.

2. Tagalong is a web-based form that will generate an equally useful code string. This requires having the site open in a seperate browser window / tab as you write your post

3. Ken Dyck developed an extended version of Blogger's Blogthis! bookmarklet that includes the ability to add tags. This requires dragging the bookmarklet to the links bar of your browser.

4. Fritz developed a bookmarklet for the links bar of your browser that will generate tag-code to paste into your post. This requires dragging the bookmarklet to the links bar of your browser.

5. John at Freshblog supplemented Fritz's bookmarklet so that it can point to a set of tags from an individual user. This requires dragging the bookmarklet to the links bar of your browser.

6. The Performancing for Firefox extension includes the ability to add a list of Technorati tags automatically. Select "publishing options" and enter a comma-seperated list of tags in the box. This requires browsing with Firefox, and the installation of the PFF extension.

7. Improbulus links to, and explains Phydeaux3's Greasemonkey userscript. This script adds a new field to the Blogger create post page that allows for the input of tags. There are multiple options for formatting the tags. This requires browsing with Firefox, installing the Greasemonkey extension, and installing this userscript.

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Multiple. Please edit this section if you are using one of the hacks listed above.

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