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Scott Kingery


Tech.Life.Blogged [1]

Required Skills[]

Ability to edit your Blogger Classic template code


By default, Blogger Classic templates come with a 'smart' tag that automatically puts the title of your blog in the page title tag. So even when viewing an individual post, the title bar at the top of the browser window still shows the name of the blog rather than the title of that post.

For search engine optimization sake, as well as simple aesthetics, you may want to give each of your (classic) Blogger-based pages a unique title.

This code changes your blog's page title tag so that is puts the title of the post first, followed by the name of the blog.


Use the following code in place of: <title><$BlogPageTitle$></title>


 <ItemPage><Blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger> - <$BlogTitle$></ItemPage>


Alternatively, if you'd rather have the name of your blog first, followed by each blog's page title tag, you can shuffle the elements like this:


 <ItemPage><$BlogTitle$> - <Blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger></ItemPage>


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